Admission & Fees

Admission Requirements

Morrison Community Daycare Center must have certain items on file for each admitted child. These requirements are listed below. Please talk with the Director if you have any questions regarding these items. Most of these items should be received in your application packet.

  • Children must be between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years old
  • Complete contact information for at least two authorized pick-up people
  • An up-to-date health examination, which must be renewed every two years
  • An up-to-date record of immunizations must be on file
  • A copy of the child’s original birth certificate
  • A signed acknowledgement of receipt of the summary of licensing standards for day care centers
  • Contact information for parents/guardians and the child’s doctor
  • An up-to-date child and adult care food program eligibility form (to be renewed annually)
  • Record of receipt of a parent handbook
  • A pick-up list of all people authorized to pick up your child from day care
  • A written arrangement concerning emergencies and emergency care (form provided by the day care)

Printable admission forms are available here.


A one-time registration fee of $25 is charged at enrollment. Morrison community Daycare Center offers three-day and five-day rates, and 4-C payment assistance is available.

Day care rates:

3-Day Infant (under 2) $135  5-Day Infant (under 2) $210

3-Day 2 Year Old Room $105  5-Day 2 Year Old Room $170

3-Day 3-5 Year Old Room $85 5-Day 3-5 Year Old Room $135

After/Before School Club Program/ Summer Kid’s Club  Flat Rates

$8 Regular School Day

$15 Early Out School Day

$24 No School Day/ Summer Kids Club Day

(includes most field trip fees)

To apply for 4-C assistance with paying your bill, contact 4-C (Community Coordinated Child Care) at 800-848-2727. or You can start the application process on-line by visiting the DHS website at http:/ they have an eligibility calculator that will tell you if you qualify.

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