After School Program

boy coloring

Our After School Program is perfect for students in kindergarten through 12 years old. We meet at the Northside School Gym from 3-5:30pm Monday through Friday when school is in session.

The program is also available on school holidays, teacher in-service days, snow days, and late start and early dismissal days.

Children in the After School Program are given time to “unwind” after their long day at school. They are provided an afternoon snack, and, if needed, homework assistance is also available. Children have the playground at Northside School for outdoor activities, and in the winter we use the gymnasium.

  • Cost: $8 flat rate per day ($24 flat rate per day for school holidays, teacher in-service days and snow days)
  • One-time registration fee: $25

The After School Program welcomes 4-C payments. To apply for assistance with paying your bill, contact 4-C (Community Coordinated Child Care) at 800-848-2727.

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