Summer Kids Club

Kindergarten – Age 12

Northside (815) 772-2153  Day Care (815) 772-3707

Summer Hours: Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


$25/day $40/day multi-child ($25 Registration Fee)

The $25.00 registration fee will cover all the activities your child will participate in at Summer Kids Club.

Kids club begins when school is out until the day before school begins in August. It is held at Northside School, 520 N Genesee, Morrison. Children must have finished Kindergarten to attend.

We have lots of activities lined up to keep the kids from getting bored in the summer. Some of the things we do are:

  • Walk to Kelly Park
  • Fun Club through extension office
  • Outside play
  • Arts and crafts

SKC provides milk for breakfast to go along with the cereal, pop tart or breakfast food brought by the parents. Early breakfast is available till 7:30.   SKC also provides a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack for all the children.